ALMA COVERS is ALMA KAMINIITO's first cover album, as well as their first album overall. It was released on December 26, 2012. This cover album, unlike most under Up-Front, is sung in English and Spanish. This is the first and only album to feature Munehiko as a member.

This album failed to chart in the Oricon.


  1. Timing ~Timing~ (タイミング~Timing~) (Black Biscuits cover; Spanish)
  2. Morai Naki (もらい泣き; Infectious Tears) (Hitoto Yō cover; English)
  3. Anata ni Aitakute ~Missing You~ (あなたに逢いたくて~Missing You~; I want to meet you ~Missing you~) (Matsuda Seiko cover; Spanish)
  4. La La Sunshine (ララサンシャイン) (Moritaka Chisato cover; Spanish)
  5. Arigatou (ありがとう; Thank You) (Ikimono-gakari cover; English)
  6. GET BACK IN LOVE (Yamashita Tatsurō cover; Spanish)
  7. promise (Hirose Kohmi cover; Spanish)
  8. Ai Uta (愛唄; Love Song) (GReeeeN cover; English)
  9. Mokuren no Namida (木蘭の涙; Magnolia Tears) (Yamada Hiroshi cover; Spanish)
  10. Kiseki wo Nozomu Nara...English version (奇跡を望むなら...English version; If I Wish a Miracle...English Version) (JUJU cover; English)
  11. Condor wa Tonde Iku (コンドルは飛んで行; The Condor Passes)く (Simon & Garfunkel cover; Spanish)
  12. Blue Horizon (Spanish)

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