Single by Moritaka Chisato
from album DO THE BEST

Release Date May 25, 1990
Genre J-Pop
Format CD Single, CT
Recorded 1990
Label Warner Pioneer

Moritaka Chisato Singles Chronology

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Ame (雨; Rain) is the 11th single by Moritaka Chisato. It was released on May 25, 1990. 

The single reached #2 on the weekly Oricon chart and charted for twenty-three weeks, selling 180,000 copies. Because the single sold 128,880 copies in 1990, it reached #97 on the yearly Oricon chart for that year.



  1. Ame
  2. Cup Myuudoru (カップ・ミュードル)


Side A

  1. Ame
  2. Cup Myuudoru

Side B

  1. Ame
  2. Ame (Original Karaoke)

Single InformationEdit

  1. Ame
  2. Cup Myuudoru


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