Eric Fukusaki (エリック・フクサキ), also simply known as Eric (エリック), is a Peruvian singer-songwriter based in Japan. Before he became a soloist, he was a member of the unit ALMA KAMINIITO.


Eric Fukusaki, October 2017

Eric Fukusaki, August 2017

Eric Fukusaki, August 2015

Eric Fukusaki, April 2014

Eric Fukusaki, October 2012

Eric Fukusaki, August 2011

Early Life[]

Eric Fukusaki was born on April 27, 1991 in Lima, Peru. His mother is Chinese Peruvian and his father is Japanese Peruvian,[1] making Eric a third generation Japanese Peruvian. At age 10, he was charmed by an enka CD his father brought from Japan after working overseas.

In 2008, Eric participated in four different singing competitions and successfully won all of them.


On February 21, Eric was selected to participate in the 1st Forest Award NEW FACE Audition along with 13 other acts, which he and Munehiko won the Special Award.

Later in 2011, Eric and Munehiko were announced as members of a new unit under UP-FRONT AGENCY's SATOYAMA movement named ALMA KAMINIITO.


On April 4, Munehiko left ALMA KAMINIITO and Eric became the sole member of the unit.[2]

On December 4, Eric announced on Facebook that he would debut as a soloist in spring 2014, thus discontinuing his activities as ALMA KAMINIITO.[3]


On April 19, Eric released his debut single "Shinjiru Mono ni Sukuwareru / Subete no Kanashimi ni Sayonara Suru Tame ni / Tsuioku".


On August 19, he released his second single "Ai Yai Yai! / Ikanai de Senorita", which is Eric's first release to feature lyrics and compositions written by himself.


Eric wrote his first song for another artist, "Peanut Butter Jelly Love" for Country Girls' fifth single, which was released on February 8.[4][5] Eric composed the music and co-wrote the lyrics with Miura Yoshiko.

On August 23, Eric released Aru Koi no Monogatari, his first Latin cover mini album. Eric also composed the music and provided the Spanish chorus vocals for Juice=Juice's digital single "Fiesta! Fiesta!" which was released on the same day.[6]

On October 4, he released his third single "Kazaranai Uta".


On October 25, Eric's agency J.P ROOM announced that he would be taking a break from activities due to sudden poor health.[7]


After several months with no update, Eric finally reported on March 27 that his health had returned to normal. However, he also announced his decision to end his exclusive management contract with J.P ROOM on March 31. From April onward, he would continue his solo career freelance without an agency for the time being, but would continue working with J.P ROOM as a songwriter.[8][9]

Following the shut down of his official site managed by J.P ROOM, Eric opened a new official site on April 30.[10][11]


On May 4, Eric released the official music video for his original song "Holy Moly" to his new YouTube channel.[12] He had originally written the song in 2018, but plans for releasing it were scrapped due to his sudden decline in health and subsequent departure from J.P ROOM.[13]

On May 7, he released a promotional video for his brand new original song "Take Me High" in preparation for his upcoming debut as an independent soloist.[14] The song was later released through Spotify on May 9.[15][16]


  • Real Name: Eric Fukusaki (エリック・フクサキ, also spelled エリック福崎)
  • Stage Name: Eric (エリック)
  • Birth Date: April 27, 1991 (1991-04-27) (age 30)
  • Birthplace: Lima, Peru
  • Ethnicity: 1/2 Chinese Peruvian, 1/2 Japanese Peruvian
  • Blood Type: AB
  • Western Zodiac: Taurus
  • J.P ROOM Status:
    • 2011-02-21: Joined
    • 2011-08-11: ALMA KAMINIITO member
    • 2014-04-19: Soloist
    • 2019-03-31: Management contract ended
  • Groups:

  • Specialty: Artistic gymnastics, English, imitation
  • Hobbies: Playing the guitar, going to the gym, learning a new instrument, foreign languages (English, Japanese), traveling alone
  • Motto: "Ser hombre para los demás" ("be a man for others"), "Todo es posible" ("everything is possible"), "GAMBATEANDO" (a mix of Japanese and Spanish for "doing our best")
  • Strengths: Making an effort towards a goal, doesn't give up, openminded.
  • Weaknesses: Forgets things
  • Goals: Becoming an artist that people love.
  • Looks Up To: Yamashita Tatsuro, Nemoto Kaname, KAN, Miyazawa Kazufumi, Alberto Shiroma

  • Discography[]

    Cover Albums
    1. [2017.08.23] Aru Koi no Monogatari (Mini album)
    Major Singles
    1. [2014.04.19] Shinjiru Mono ni Sukuwareru / Subete no Kanashimi ni Sayonara Suru Tame ni / Tsuioku
    2. [2015.08.19] Ai Yai Yai! / Ikanai de Senorita
    3. [2017.10.04] Kazaranai Uta
    Digital Songs
    1. [2020.05.09] Take Me High

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    • In addition to Japanese and Spanish, he is fluent in English.[17]
    • He has a large Spanish-speaking fanbase, especially among Peruvians.


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