GIRLS LOOK AHEAD is a self-cover album by Nakajima Takui released on March 27, 2019. The first press of the album contained a play pass. On the same day as the album's release, a Special Edition containing instrumentals for five of the tracks was released exclusively for digital download on iTunes, Recochoku, and mora.

The album contains self-covers of songs he wrote or composed for other UP-FRONT GROUP acts, including various Hello! Project groups or soloists.



Nakajima Takui - Taiki Bansei (MV)


  1. ℃maj9 (℃-ute cover)
  2. My Days for You (Mano Erina cover)
  3. Taiki Bansei (ANGERME cover)
  4. Kon'ya Dake Ukaretakatta (Tsubaki Factory cover)
  5. Lady Mermaid (Dia Lady cover)
  6. Dou Datte Ii no (Country Girls cover)
  7. Ikujinashi (LoVendoЯ cover)
  8. GIRLS BE AMBITIOUS (Juice=Juice cover)
  9. Start (Ciao Bella Cinquetti cover)
  10. Iin ja nai? (LoVendoЯ cover)
  11. Shuukatsu Sensation (Tsubaki Factory cover)
  12. Umaku Ienai (ANGERME cover)
  13. Ai・Ai・Gasa (Juice=Juice cover)
  14. DREAM GIRL (Tasaki Asahi cover)
  15. Soushisouai (LoVendoЯ cover)
  16. Tsugi no Kado wo Magare (℃-ute cover)
  17. Ichigo Ichie (Ciao Bella Cinquetti cover)
  18. Nakitaku nai no ni (Yajima Maimi cover)
  19. Tomo yo (ANGERME cover)

Digital-Exclusive Special Edition[]

  1. ℃maj9
  2. My Days for You
  3. Taiki Bansei (GIRLS LOOK AHEAD ver.)
  4. Kon'ya Dake Ukaretakatta
  5. Lady Mermaid
  6. Dou Datte Ii no
  7. Ikujinashi
  9. Start
  10. Iin ja nai?
  11. Shuukatsu Sensation
  12. Umaku Ienai (GIRLS LOOK AHEAD ver.)
  13. Ai・Ai・Gasa
  15. Soushisouai
  16. Tsugi no Kado wo Magare (GIRLS LOOK AHEAD ver.)
  17. Ichigo Ichie
  18. Nakitaku nai no ni
  19. Tomo yo
  20. Taiki Bansei (GIRLS LOOK AHEAD ver.) (Instrumental)
  21. Kon'ya Dake Ukaretakatta (Instrumental)
  22. Shuukatsu Sensation (Instrumental)
  23. Tsugi no Kado wo Magare (GIRLS LOOK AHEAD ver.) (Instrumental)
  24. Tomo yo (Instrumental)

Album Information[]


  • "Soushisouai" is an unreleased Tanaka Reina solo song by LoVendoЯ dating back to 2015. A live performance of the song was first included on the limited edition DVD for their first single, but it had never been released until Nakajima Takui covered it on "GIRLS LOOK AHEAD."
  • The cover of the album depicts Nakajima Takui and a group of cheerleaders as lego minifigures.
  • The "Taiki Bansei (GIRLS LOOK AHEAD ver.)" Music Video features various pages of calligraphy done by the members of ANGERME.
  • On April 11, Nakajima Takui held a release event for the album at 3 PM at Ikebukuro Sunshine City exactly two and a half hours before ANGERME held a release event for their 26th single at the same exact venue.

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