Isshi Tsurenai no Uta
Song by MALINA
Native title 一糸つれないの唄
Released August 27, 2018
Genre J-Pop
Format Digital download
Length 04:29
MALINA Songs Chronology
Concurrent Strange Flower (2018)

Isshi Tsurenai no Uta (一糸つれないの唄; A Song of a Heartless Thread) is a song by MALINA, which is the solo artist name of LoVendoЯ vocalist Okada Marina. It was digitally released on August 27, 2018.[1][2]

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  • The original version of the song was initially performed by Okada Marina's and Miyazawa Marin's duo unit Okamarin as "Tsurenai no Uta" before it was modified and released.[3]


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