Kazaranai Uta
Single by Eric Fukusaki
Native title 飾らない歌
Released October 4, 2017
Genre J-pop
Format CD+DVD
Recorded 2017
Label hachama hachama
Eric Fukusaki Singles Chronology
Previous Ai Yai Yai! / Ikanai de Senorita 2nd Single (2015)

Kazaranai Uta (飾らない歌; An Undecorated Song) is Eric Fukusaki's third single. It was released on October 4, 2017, and it is his last release before his management contract with J.P ROOM ended in 2019.

"Kazaranai Uta" was chosen for Nippon TV's Buzz Rhythm power play and the October 2017 ending theme for Sapporo TV's Joshista Aikuteki.[1]


エリック・フクサキ『飾らない歌』(ERIC FUKUSAKI The natural song )(MV)

エリック・フクサキ『飾らない歌』(ERIC FUKUSAKI The natural song )(MV)

Kazaranai Uta (MV)


  1. Kazaranai Uta
  2. Mayonaka no Maria (真夜中のマリア; Midnight's Maria)
  3. Kazaranai Uta (Instrumental)
  4. Mayonaka no Maria (Instrumental)


  1. Kazaranai Uta (Music Video)

Single InformationEdit

Kazaranai Uta
Mayonaka no Maria
  • Lyrics: Blumio, Airin
  • Composition: Eric Fukusaki
  • Arrangement: KEN for 2SOUL MUSIC, Inc., Eric Fukusaki


  1. "10月4日(水)3rdシングル「飾らない歌」発売決定!" (in Japanese). ERIC FUKUSAKI Official Website. 2017-09-11.

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