Love Bitter EX (ラベビタEX) was a collaborative Japanese pop-rock unit formed by members of the band LoVendoЯ and the duo Bitter & Sweet, both under UP-FRONT CREATE.


From LoVendoЯ
From Bitter & Sweet

Supporting Members[]

  • Murayama☆Jun (村山☆潤) - DJ (Love Bitter EX Live Tour 2016 Haru)



On November 23, it was announced that a collaborative unit named Love Bitter EX would be formed by LoVendoЯ vocalist Okada Marina and guitarists Uozumi Yuki and Miyazawa Marin, and Bitter & Sweet members Tasaki Asahi and Hasegawa Moemi.[1]


The unit held their first and only live house tour, titled Love Bitter EX Live Tour 2016 Haru, from March 5 to April 9.[2] The setlist included LoVendoЯ and Bitter & Sweet songs, and one original song written by Uozumi Yuki also named "Love Bitter EX". They were supported by DJ Murayama☆Jun.[3]

On March 30, Love Bitter EX performed on the PR Stage at Asobu. Kurasu. Sodateru. SATOYAMA & SATOUMI e Ikou 2016.[4]

On April 4, the unit had their first and only TV performance on The Girls Live performing "Love Bitter EX".

The unit discontinued activities following the end of their tour.

Group Name Origin[]

"Love" and "Bitter" come from the members' respective group names, LoVendoЯ and Bitter & Sweet. "EX" can have various meanings such as extra, experiment, explosive, or exceed.[1]


Original Songs[]

  • [2016] Love Bitter EX (ラベビタEX)


TV Programs[]



  • Tanaka Reina is the only LoVendoЯ member who was not added to the unit. On the same day the unit was announced, it was also announced that Tanaka would be starring as the heroine in the musical adaptation of Fushigi Yuugi ~Shu no Shou~,[5] which she would be busy rehearsing for at the time of Love Bitter EX's 2016 spring tour.