Nihei Yuuka (二瓶有加) is a Japanese actress, talent, and model under Just Production as of 2022. She is also a former pop singer under UP-FRONT CREATE as a member of PINK CRES..


Early Life[]

Nihei Yuuka was born October 20, 1995 in Tokyo, Japan.


Nihei applied for the Morning Musume 12ki Member "Mirai Shoujo" Audition, but was unsuccessful.[1]


In the summer of 2015, Nihei joined a dance team and performed at a showcase.[2]

In late 2015, Nihei participated in the second recruitment for the 2015 Natsuyaki Miyabi Shin Group Member Audition and made it to the final round.


In March, in the Upcoming broadcast of the Natsuyaki Miyabi Shin Group Member Audition, it was revealed the Nihei was one of the two finalists alongside Kobayashi Hikaru.[3]

On April 1, she and Kobayashi were both announced as the winners and had become members of Natsuyaki Miyabi's new group.[4] The group's name was later announced as PINK CRES. on August 25 at Buono! Festa 2016, where they were guests and performed in concert for the first time.[5]


Nihei choreographed the dance for "fun fun fun" from PINK CRES.'s first indies album crescendo which was released on June 28.[6]


On September 24, Nihei Yuuka was cast for the role of Tsuru Hana in a theater adaptation of the video game NieR: Automata. The stage play was titled Butai Shoujo Yoruha Ver1.1a, and ran from December 3 to December 6, 2020.[7]


On March 19, it was announced that PINK CRES. would be disbanding on June 30. Around the end of 2020, Kobayashi Hikaru and Nihei Yuuka discussed with Natsuyaki Miyabi about graduating from the group and, as result of the discussions and the staff respecting their decisions, the group would be disbanding on June 30 with Kobayashi and Nihei also leaving UP-FRONT CREATE. Nihei planned on studying acting and becoming a stage actress in the future.[8]

On June 30, the group officially disbanded after the PINK CRES. LAST LIVE ~LOVE YOU ♡ PINK CLASS.~. Afterwards, Kobayashi Hikaru and Nihei Yuuka also left UP-FRONT CREATE.


On January 14, she announced that she had signed with Just Production as an actress, talent, and model.[9]

Personal Life[]

When Nihei joined PINK CRES. she was is in her third year of university. She planned on graduating a year early,[10] but as of April 2017, she was in her fourth and final year.[11]

The kanji in Nihei's given name Yuuka means "existence" (有) and "addition" (加).


  • Name: Nihei Yuuka (二瓶有加)
  • Nicknames: Nihe (にへ), Niheyan (にへやん), Yuuka (ゆうか)
  • Birthdate: October 20, 1995 (1995-10-20) (age 26)
  • Birth Place: Tokyo, Japan
  • Blood Type: A[12]
  • Height: 158 cm (5 ft 2.2 in)?
  • Western Zodiac: Libra
  • Eastern Zodiac: Pig (Boar in Japan)
  • UP-FRONT GROUP Status:

  • Hobbies: Watching movies
  • Specialties: Dancing (for about 14 years as of 2016), Y balance
  • Cooking Specialties: Tamagoyaki
  • Sports Good At: Volleyball
  • Personality in One Word/Phrase: Bright and positive idiot
  • Charm Point: Nose

  • Discography Featured In[]

    PINK CRES.[]

    Indies Albums
    1. [2017.06.28] crescendo
    2. [2018.06.27] Etcetera
    Major Albums
    1. [2020.10.07] Soleil

    Indies Singles
    1. [2019.05.22] Tokyo Confusion / Uchuu no Onna wa Amakunai
    Major Singles
    1. [2020.02.26] Roulette
    Digital Singles

    Concerts Featured In[]

    PINK CRES.[]


    M-line club[]

    Events Featured In[]

    PINK CRES.[]

    SATOYAMA & SATOUMI movement[]



    • [2016–2019] HELLO! DRIVE! (HELLO! DRIVE! -ハロドラ-) (Tuesdays)


    • [2020] Butai Shoujo Yoruha Ver1.1a (as Tsuru Hana)


    • Nihei took classical ballet and jazz dance lesssons up until high school.[13]
    • In middle school she joined the volleyball club, but because she had no heart for sports, she quit halfway through the year. In high school she joined the dance club.[13]
    • She used to work part-time at an izakaya and found Friday nights frustrating because it got crowded.[14]
    • When Natsuyaki Miyabi cut her hair from medium length to short in 2014, Nihei thought it looked really cute and copied her.[15]
    • Her favorite movie is Burlesque.[16]
    • Her favorite dancers are AyaBambi and Tokyo Gegegay.[17]
    • The first time she ever listened to Hello! Project music was the Morning Musume album 4th "Ikimasshoi!" that her parents played while driving.[18]



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