Renga no Ie
Album by Nakajima Takui
Native title 煉瓦の家
Released April 8, 2015
Genre J-POP
Format CD
Recorded 2014-2015
Label Zetima
Nakajima Takui Albums Chronology
Previous BEAT&LOOSE (2013)

Renga no Ie (煉瓦の家, Brick house) is the 15th original album released by Nakajima Takui. It is set to be released on April 8, 2015. It charted for 3 weeks, and its highest rank is 38th on the Oricon Weekly Chart. It sold 2,223 copies.


  1. Taiki Bansei (大器晩成, A late bloomer)
  2. Tsuzukero (続けろ, Hold on)
  3. Omae wa Motteru (おまえは持ってる, You have it)
  4. Hitotsu ni Narou to Shinaide (一人になろうとしないで, Don't stay alone)
  5. Oshiroji Risa ~all good idols go to heaven?~ (御城寺梨紗 〜all good idols go to heaven?〜)
  6. Tsugi no Kado wo Magare (次の角を曲がれ, Turn on the Next Corner)
  7. Koko ja Nai to Wakatteiru no ni (ここじゃないとわかっているのに, Even though I understand it is not here)
  8. Wasurete Shimae yo Yurushite Shimae yo (忘れてしまえよ 許してしまえよ, Forget and forgive)
  9. (Omae dake ga) Te ni Irerarenai ((おまえだけが)手に入れられない, It can not be put in a hand (your only))
  10. Donna Koto ga Atte mo (どんなことがあっても, No matter what happens)
  11. Ijimerarekko (いじめられっ子, Bullied child)
  12. Please Mr.GUARD MAN
  13. Renga no Ie (煉瓦の家, Brick house)
  14. Tokyo Tower (東京タワー)


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  • Oricon Charts

Daily & Weekly Rankings

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
- 19 - - 22 - - 38 1,521
- - - - - - - 200 324
- - - - - - - 212 378

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