RespecTokyo Up Up Girls (2) ver. (リスペクトーキョーアップアップガールズ(2)ver.) is a song by Up Up Girls (2). It was digitally released on April 4, 2022 through various websites.[1] It is a cover of "RespecTokyo" by Up Up Girls (Kakko Kari). It was the 5th song in Up Up Girls (2)'s ten consecutive weekly digital distribution project.


  1. RespecTokyo (Tohoku ver.) (リスペクトーキョー (東北ver.))
  2. RespecTokyo (Tokaido Sanyo ver.) (リスペクトーキョー (東海道・山陽ver.))

Featured Members[]

Song Information[]

  • Lyrics: NOBE
  • Composition and Arrangement: michitomo


  • Both the Tohoku version and Tokaido Sanyo version feature slightly different lyrics than the original "RespecTokyo" by Up Up Girls (Kakko Kari). Between the two versions by Up Up Girls (2), the lyrics are identical aside from the dialogue portion in the middle.
  • The Tohoku version features Takahagi Chinatsu and Yoshikawa Mayu as the main singers covering Sekine Azusa's and Arai Manami's parts from the original song, while the Tokaido Sanyo version features a slightly different line distribution with Nakagawa Chihiro and Sasaki Honoka covering their parts instead. The two versions otherwise have the same line distribution.
  • In 2021, Up Up Girls (2) uploaded a dance cover video of "RespecTokyo" featuring the audio of the Tokaido Sanyo version before it was ever released as a digital song.[2]


RespecTokyo (Tohoku ver.)
RespecTokyo (Tokaido Sanyo ver.)
RespecTokyo (Dance Cover)


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