Sasamine Aoi
Birth Name Harada Akie (原田明絵)
Stage Name Aiba Hina (愛羽ひな)
Birth Info
Born January 22, 1987 (1987-01-22) (age 33)
Origin Saitama, Japan
Blood Type B
Height 147cm
Professional Info
Genres J-pop
Occupation Singer, AV Actress
Years Active 2008-Present
Agency UP-FRONT STYLE (2008)
MUTEKI (2010-2011)
Idea Pocket (2011-2012)
SOD Create (2012)
Associated Acts MUH~, DIAMOND DOLL, HAPPY! STYLE, Ebisu Muscats

Sasamine Aoi (笹峰葵), real name Harada Akie (原田明絵), is a former Japanese pop singer and former AV actress. She is a former member of MUH~, Diamond Doll, HAPPY! STYLE and Ebisu Muscats. She joined HAPPY! STYLE in May 2008 but graduated in August of the same year.

She debuted as an AV actress in November 2010 under the Muteki agency, and retired from the AV industry on November 21, 2012.


Ebisu Muscats, Harada Akie


HAPPY! STYLE, Sasamine Aoi

Diamond doll2

Diamond Doll, Aiba Hina


MUH~, Harada Akie, 2006


MUH~, Harada Akie, 2005



Harada was a member of a trio idol group called "MUH~" from 2003 to 2007. Following the disbandment of MUH~ on July 7, 2007, she joined the duo idol group DIAMOND DOLL, where she went by the stage name Aiba Hina (愛羽ひな).

While still a member of DIAMOND DOLL, Harada joined HAPPY! STYLE Rookies in May 2008 under the stage name Sasamine Aoi, however her time in this group was short-lived, as she graduated in August 2008.


In late 2009, DIAMOND DOLL disbanded and Harada began using her real name once again.


In November, Harada debuted as an AV actress under the agency MUTEKI.


On February 1, Harada switched to the Idea Pocket agency.

In April, Harada joined the Idol group "Ebisu Muscats" as a sixth generation member, but left the group two months later in June.


On April 1, Harada switched to the SOD Create agency.

She retired from AV on November 21. To mark her retirement, she created a blog with the name "Restart-2" and wrote "I hope I can move on with my life", and on her Twitter she wrote that she'd like to do many things.


In 2016, she married an American citizen and relocated to the United States, giving birth to her first child, a son weighing 3883grams on October 23.


  • Name: Harada Akie (原田明絵)
  • Stage Names: Sasamine Aoi (笹峰葵), Aiba Hina (愛羽ひな)
  • Nicknames: Akietsun (あきえつ〜ん), Akkii (あっきー)
  • Birthdate: January 22, 1987 (1987-01-22) (age 33)
  • Birthplace: Saitama, Japan
  • Bloodtype: B
  • Height: 147cm
  • Measurements:
    • Bust: 82cm
    • Waist: 60cm
    • Hip: 80cm
  • Hobbies/Special Skills: Horseback-riding, snowboarding, photography, darts, bookkeeping
  • Idol groups:
    • MUH~ (2003-2007)
    • DIAMOND DOLL (2007-2009)
    • HAPPY! STYLE (2008)
    • Ebisu Muscats (2011)


Image DVDsEdit

51Vj ap2qEL. SS500 Harada akie yellow magic


  • [2010.07.25] Shiritsu H gakuen (私立H学園)
  • [2011.05.02] Venus Future Harada Akie (ヴィーナスフューチャー原田明絵)
  • [2011.08.30] Erokyuuto (エロキュート)
  • [2012.02.23] Shin sekai koko made misete I nodesu (新世界 ここまで魅せていいのです)
  • [2012.06.29] REAL X REAL X SERIES (REAL X REAL Xシリーズ)
  • [2012.07.23] Nōmozaiku SEX no ran (ノーモザイクSEXノ乱)
  • [2012.07.23] Shin sekai feat. R18 (新世界feat.R18)
  • [2012.08.03] 禁じられた旋律-処女にナニが起こったか-
  • [2012.10.20]  Drastic challenge vol.4  (ドラスティック チャレンジ vol.4)
  • [2012.12.14] Be NuDE...



NSFW Photobooks

  • [2012.03.25] Girls syndrome


  • [2002] Akibana Renchuu (秋葉な連中)
  • [2003] Shinagawa Shouji no Akiba☆Rimujin (品川庄司の秋葉☆りむじん)
  • [2011.04.06~] Onedari Masukatto DX! (おねだりマスカットDX!)
  • [2011.04.13] Momono Sasayaki (桃のささやき)

MUH~ Participated InEdit


ZaP2 G5158024W775

  • [2003.08.20] Maa, Maa, Maa (まぁまぁまぁ)
  • [2005.11.02] Vitamin MUH~ (ビタミン MUH~)



  • [2005.11.02] MUH~ Zokutsu (MUH~ ぞくっ )
  • [2007.04.15] MUH~ Thank You


  • She is the first and only former UP-FRONT member to have became an AV actress.
  • Her favorite food is Octopus, while her least favorite is Ginger.
  • She likes traveling, massages, and horseback-riding.
  • She'd like to go see a pyramid for vacation.
  • Her favorite movie is Hanamizuki.
  • When she was young, she wanted to be a flight attendant.
  • She has a dog.
  • Her favorite game is Gomibako.
  • She can speak English, having studied the language.
  • She is a fan of former Morning Musume member Tanaka Reina.
  • She is a fan of Simple Plan, and her favorite song by them is "Summer Paradise".
  • Her image color in MUH~ was yellow.

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