Strange Flower
Song by MALINA
Native title ストレンジ フラワー
Released August 27, 2018
Genre J-Pop
Format Digital download
Length 05:19
MALINA Songs Chronology
Concurrent Isshi Tsurenai no Uta (2018)

Strange Flower (ストレンジ フラワー) is a song by MALINA, which is the solo artist name of LoVendoЯ vocalist Okada Marina. It was digitally released on August 27, 2018.[1][2]

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  • Fans noticed that the song was originally performed by Okada Marina's and Miyazawa Marin's duo unit Okamarin as "Atashi Dake Mite" (アタシだけ見て) before it was arranged and released as “Strange Flower.”[3]


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