Sugimoto Suzuha (杉本涼葉), also simply known as Suzuha (涼葉), is a Japanese singer and stage actress. She auditioned to join Engeki Joshibu in 2014 and successfully passed. She debuted and only starred in the musical SMILE FANTASY! before becoming inactive.



On September 5, she was revealed to have won an audition for Engeki Joshibu, an acting club associated with Hello! Project and UP-FRONT.

On September 13, Sugimoto participated in an introduction event at the Hello! Project Official Shop in Akihabara alongside Tomizawa Erika, Onoda Ayasa and Matsushita Haruna.

On September 17, Sugimoto was also introduced on Hello! Project Station alongside the four other Engeki Joshibu audition winners.

From November 19 to November 24, she starred in Koisuru Hello Kitty. Afterwards, Sugimoto never participated in any other Engeki Joshibu production, and had presumably left the club. She has since become active as a musician, singing and playing guitar at live events under the stage name Suzuha.


  • Name: Sugimoto Suzuha (杉本涼葉)
  • Nickname: Suzuha (涼葉), CHuN (ちゅん)
  • Birthdate: March 18, 1998 (1998-03-18) (age 24)
  • Birthplace: Yamanashi, Japan
  • Western Zodiac: Pisces
  • Eastern Zodiac: Tiger

  • Hobbies: Songs, dance, watching YouTube

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    • Her favorite artists are UVERworld and Momoiro Clover.
    • She'd like to go on a trip to Spain.
    • Her favorite male talents are Suda Masaki, Fukushi Sota and Narimiya Hiroki.
    • Her favorite female talent is Aragaki Yui.
    • Her favorite movie is Koizora, also known as Sky of Love.

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