TNX Inc. (TNX(ティーエネックス)株式会社) is a record company established by Tsunku on October 6, 2006. The name is an abbreviation of "thanks", an English translation of the word kansha (感謝) which can also be translated as "gratitude", as Tsunku wanted to create a company that would always show its feelings of gratitude in connection with others.[1]

Some artists under Hello! Project are also affiliated with TNX. Good Factory Record is an indie label under TNX, while TN-mix is TNX's major label, handled by Pony Canyon, that publishes CDs and DVDs, manages events, and scouts for newcomers.

Current Acts

Male Artists

Former Acts

Male Artists

  • Kurei Soushi (久礼聡史)
  • Nitta Hirokazu (仁田宏和)
  • Matsui Yu-bi (松井雄飛) (Sebas Champ)
  • Sebas Champ (セバスチャンプ)
    • Hinohikari Shiro (日野光司路)
    • Nitta Hirokazu (仁田宏和)
  • Naka. Tatsuya (なか。たつや) (Magician)
  • Bingo~re Bongore (ビンゴ~レ ボンゴレ)
    • Ogiyahagi
      • Ogi Hiroaki (小木博明)
      • Yahagi Ken (矢作兼)
  • Soul Junctions (ソウルジャンクションズ)
  • Hirayama Jin (平山仁)

Female Artists

Music Production

The following artists, except Tsunku, are not directly under TNX, however, they have released works under the company.

Representative Works


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