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UP-FRONT WORKS Co., Ltd. (アップフロントウォークス) is a record label company established in 1993 that handles the releases of acts under UP-FRONT GROUP. UP-FRONT WORKS also has a subsidiary indie label by the same name that was established in 2004, and it exclusively distributes analog records, digital-exclusive releases, or releases that are limited in quantity. As of May 2019, many of these indies releases are now handled by the subsidiary label UP-FRONT INDIES instead, and the subsidiary UP-FRONT WORKS label is now considered to be a major label. 

Generally, the majority of UP-FRONT GROUP acts release their music under one of UP-FRONT WORKS's many other subsidiary labels.

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Former[edit | edit source]

Merged with zetima
Merged with hachama
Merged with PICCOLO TOWN

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