Un Deux Trois
Song by Sawayaka Goro
Native title アンドゥ トロワ
Released September 8, 2017
Genre J-Pop
Format Digital
Length 3:12
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Previous koi☆otoko (2014)
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Previous Konamaiki Girl (2017)
Gobaku ~We Can't Go Back~ (2017)
Concurrent Arigatameiwaku Monogatari (2017)
Next Ashita, Shiranai Kaze ni Fukarete (2017)
Kore Kara Tobinotteku Mirai (2017)
アンドゥ トロワ/さわやか五郎

アンドゥ トロワ/さわやか五郎

Sawayaka Goro - Un Deux Trois (MV)

Un Deux Trois (アンドゥ トロワ; One Two Three) is a digital song by Sawayaka Goro. It was released on September 8, 2017 as part of Upcoming's Music Delivery corner alongside Arigatameiwaku Monogatari.[1]

The subject and namesake of the song is a new character named Un Deux Trois, who was a collaboration between Sawayaka and UrumaDelvi, the creators of the children's anime TV series Oshiri Kajiri Mushi. Un Deux Trois' real name is Ando Hifumi (安藤一二三), which Ando sounds similar to "Un Deux" and the kanji for Hifumi are the numbers one, two, and three.[1]

Song InformationEdit

  • Concept, Lyrics, and Animation: UrumaDelvi
  • Original Composition: French folk song "J'ai perdu le do de ma clarinette"
  • Arrangement: Shioiri Toshiya


  • The song's release was announced on episode #83 of Upcoming, which also showed vocal recording footage and a preview of the animated MV.[2]


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