Up Up Girls (Pro Wres) (アップアップガールズ(プロレス); officially stylized as UP UP GIRLS kakko PROWRESTLING) is a sister group of Up Up Girls (Kakko Kari) consisting of female pro-wrestlers. 


Current Members[]

  • Raku (らく;      Yellow[1]) (formerly “Raku (ラク)”)
  • Noa Hikari (乃蒼ヒカリ;      Sky Blue[2]) (formerly “Hikari (ヒカリ)”)
  • Watanabe Miu (渡辺未詩;      Pink[3]) (formerly “Miu (ミウ)”)

Former Members[]

  • Pipipipi Pinano (ぴぴぴぴぴなの;      Pastel Purple[4]) (formerly “Hinano (ヒナノ)”) (Graduated April 5, 2019)



On May 30, Up Up Girls (Kakko Kari) and DDT Pro-Wrestling announced they were working together to produce a new group called Up Up Girls (Pro Wrestling) and auditions would open that day.

On August 12, the results of the Up Up Girls (Pro Wres) audition were revealed, and Raku, Hikari, Hinano, and Miu were announced as the 4 members. They made their debut on stage on August 27 with their debut song, Upper Kick!.[5]


On January 4, Up Up Girls (Pro Wres) made their wrestling debut in Tokyo.[6] Their debut song Upper Kick! was officially released as a limited event single and sold at the venue of the event.

On December 31, the Up Up Girls (Pro Wres) members changed all of their stage names.[7]


On March 27, it was announced that Up Up Girls (Pro Wres) member Pipipipi Pinano would graduate from the group on April 5, 2019. After her graduation ceremony, she retired from both the pro-wrestling and the entertainment industry.[8]


On August 27, Up Up Girls (Pro Wres) digitally released the songs "Upper Kick!" and "Upper Chop!".[9][10]

On November 7, Up Up Girls (Pro Wres) digitally released the songs "Maketakunai" and "Ring no Ue ni mo San Nen ~All Along The Way~".[11][12]

On December 25, each of the Up Up Girls (Pro Wres) members digitally released a solo song: Raku released "Marshmallow Cacao Station (feat. Raku)",[13] Noa Hikari released "ROCK BOTTOM (feat. Noa Hikari)",[14] and Watanabe Miu released "Chokotto Love Me Do (feat. Watanabe Miu)".[15]


On March 19, they announced new member auditions looking for up to 30 new members.[16]



Event Singles
  1. [2018.01.04] Upper Kick! (アッパーキック!)


Digital Songs
  1. [2020.08.27] Upper Kick! (アッパーキック!)
  2. [2020.08.27] Upper Chop! (アッパーチョップ!)
  3. [2020.11.07] Maketakunai (負けたくない)
  4. [2020.11.07] Ring no Ue ni mo San Nen ~All Along The Way~ (リングの上にも三年 〜All Along The Way〜)
  5. [2020.12.25] Marshmallow Cacao Station (feat. Raku) (マシュマロカカオステーション (feat. らく))
  6. [2020.12.25] ROCK BOTTOM (feat. Noa Hikari) (ROCK BOTTOM (feat. 乃蒼ヒカリ))
  7. [2020.12.25] Chokotto Love Me Do (feat. Watanabe Miu) (チョコっとラブ ME ドゥー (feat. 渡辺未詩))
Original Songs
  • [2020.03.13] Ue e, Mirai e (上へ、未来へ) (with Up Up Girls (Kakko Kari), Up Up Girls (2))

Concerts & Events[]

Up Up Girls Joint Concerts[]

  • [2018.07.07] Up Up Girls (Fest) 2018
  • [2018.08.19] Up Up Girls (2) & (Pro Wres) Member Taikou Jitsuryoku Shindan Test (アップアップガールズ(2)&(プロレス) メンバー対抗 実力診断テスト)
  • [2019.07.15] Up Up Girls (Fest) 2019

Concerts Featured In[]

  • [2018.05.19] Haru ni Nattara Kitazawa ni Ikou yo, Nakama mo Issho ni Shite! (春になったら北沢に行こうよ、仲間も一緒して!)
  • [2018.05.20] IDOL CONTENT EXPO @Aeon Mall Makuhari Shintoshin supported by Daiki Sound ~Kaettekita, Shoka no Dai Musensai~ (IDOL CONTENT EXPO@イオンモール幕張新都心 supported by ダイキサウンド ~帰ってきた、初夏の大無銭祭~)
  • [2018.06.03~17] Dai 5kai Tokyo Princess Cup (第5回東京プリンセスカップ)
  • [2018.06.10] SHiNY Days Vol.11
  • [2018.06.16] YATSUI FESTIVAL! 2018
  • [2018.06.27] Up Up Tokyo Joshi (Pro Wres) (Kakko Kari) ~Zen'in Issho ni Upper Kick!~ (アップアップ東京女子(プロレス)(仮)~全員一緒にアッパーキック!~)
  • [2018.07.08] Idol Yokochou Natsu Matsuri!! ~2018~ (アイドル横丁夏まつり!!~2018~)
  • [2018.07.15] BATTLE OF NAGANO
  • [2018.07.25] OTODAMA Zen'yasai 2018
  • [2018.08.03~05] TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2018
  • [2018.08.25~26] @JAM EXPO 2018
  • [2018.12.24] IDOL CONTENT EXPO @Yokohama BAY HALL ~Christmas Eve Dai Kanshasai~ (IDOL CONTENT EXPO @横浜BAY HALL ~クリスマス・イヴ大感謝祭~)
  • [2019.02.17] Judgement 2019 ~DDT Hataage 22 Shuunen Kinen Taikai~ (Judgement2019~DDT旗揚げ22周年記念大会~)
  • [2019.04.05] Pipipipi Pinano Sotsugyou Special (ぴぴぴぴぴなの卒業スペシャル)
  • [2019.07.27] Roppongi Idol Festival 2019
  • [2019.08.02~04] TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2019
  • [2019.08.04] Tanoshii Tanoshii Natsuyasumi ~Tokyo Joshi☆Natsu Fest 2019~ (楽しい楽しい夏休み!~東京女子☆夏フェス2019~)



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